Solid Faith

Pastor’s Aide Team

The Pastor’s Aide Team coordinates the needs of the Pastors on behalf of the church. They ensure that they have the materials and supports needed for their ministry, i.e. books, equipment, robes, vacations, etc. When you join the Church of Love Faith Center Family, you automatically become an official active member of the Pastor’s Aid Board, and it is your responsibility to provide support.


Provides service and support to the men and women of God who minister to the congregation at COLFC; provides transportation for guests, provides assistance to ensure their comfort and hospitality before and after they minister.

Zone Pastoral Care

Follows up with the membership at COLFC to assess their overall welfare and spiritual state; provides assistance in their walk with Christ and involvement in the church; helps them develop into productive members of the body of Christ and COLFC.

Full Pardon Ministry

Provides a positive Christian influence and witness to those behind prison walls and exerts every effort possible to win those persons to Jesus Christ. Endeavors to actively practice Matthew 24:36b “I was in prison, and you came unto me.” This includes worship services, Bible studies, and personal counseling for inmates and their families.

Intercessory Team

Team gathers and prays for the church, pastors, services, and individuals within COLFC, and broader areas.