Greet members and guests as they arrive at COLFC and offer assistance as needed; provide direction and assistance from the parking area to the sanctuary area.
Musicians who accompany the Choirs and Praise Team. The Band also ministers with “special” instrumental musical arrangements.
Bible Institute/Bible Academy
Involved in studying the word and creating bible study lessons that are relevant and beneficial to members and visitors.
Children Church (Power Kidz)
Children, grades K-6 are developed spiritually, emotionally, and physically through teaching of the Word of God. This is done in weekly services; Sunday and Wednesday, using a Bible-based curriculum that is presented at their level of understanding.
Choir of all ages that provides special music for regularly scheduled worship services; accompanies Pastor for speaking engagements and sings for COLFC and community special events as requested.
This committee prepares meals and refreshments for specific meetings, i.e., dinner for out-of-town guests at the Annual Impact Conference; food preparation for bereaved family after funerals (COLFC members and family). Serve as advisors for other groups that are planning refreshments or meals, i.e. Youth Rallies, Street Services, Senior Citizens Dinners, etc.
Deafinitely Ministry
This ministry provides “signing” and interpretation for church members and attendees who are deaf.
Exalted (Young Adult Singers)
Choir for young adults 20 – 40 years old that provides special music for regularly scheduled worship services.
Flags / Banners

An integral part of the worship ministry. Flags and banners represent God, identify who and whose we are, and show the enemy who is in control.

Food Pantry
Primary goal is to provide emergency food assistance to community members. On a case by case basis, COLFC members are served as well.
Full Pardon Ministry
Provides a positive Christian influence and witness to those behind prison walls and exerts every effort possible to win those persons to Jesus Christ. Endeavors to actively practice Matthew 24:36b "I was in prison, and you came unto me.” This includes worship services, Bible studies, and personal counseling for inmates and their families.
Greeters Ministry
Team of friendly COLFC members who personally welcome all guests to the church. Duties include follow-up telephone conversations and processing requests for information about Church of Love Faith Center Ministries.
Health Ministry  (Link to Page) 
Ministry members include trained medical professionals (nurses and doctors), church members living with chronic conditions, individuals who’ve been touched and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit and individuals with a heart to serve those who may have lost someone due to a health related issues.
Information Center
Provide general information to members and visitors
Intercessory Team
Team gathers and prays for the church, pastors, services, and individuals within COLFC, and broader areas.
Junior Children Church
Ministers toddlers’ spiritual needs as well as meeting their physical needs, by creating a safe, pleasant environment for the children while they are at church. Age 3-4 yr olds.
Life Circles
Small networks of individuals who become church family. Allows close close connections between member for prayer, fellowship, support and more.
Lighthouse Media Center
The media center is open after worship services. We offer a broad selection of sermons, books, T-shirts, and more . . .something for everyone.
Offers workshops, seminars, and special social events with married couples in mind. Provide premarital counseling to couples planning to marry.   
Multi-faceted ministry that builds men to be “Men of Valor.” Opportunities to serve include the care of the church grounds, leadership, development, and the “Ambassadors” Greeting Team.
Nursery Church
Ministers to infants’ spiritual needs as well as meeting their physical needs, by creating a safe, pleasant environment for the children while they are at church. Age 6 months – 2 yrs old.
Pastor’s Aide Team
The Pastor’s Aide Team coordinates the needs of the Pastors on behalf of the church. They ensure that they have the materials and supports needed for their ministry, i.e. books, equipment, robes, vacations, etc. When you join the Church of Love Faith Center Family, you automatically become an official active member of the Pastor’s Aid Board, and it is your responsibility to provide support.
Praise Team
Choir that leads praise and worship on a normal basis. (Sundays and Wednesdays)
Provides service and support to the men and women of God who minister to the congregation at COLFC; provides transportation for guests, provides assistance to ensure their comfort and hospitality before and after they minister.
Sacred Dance and Drama Troupe (“Witness” )
This group uses drama and dance as an evangelistic tool and worship experience. Open to males and females with no age limits. This is a ministering group.
Patrols church property, parking lots, and premises, ensures safety of pastors, and those attending services, intervenes in hazardous situations; need men with interest and/or training in security and safety or related areas.
Sound Team
Manage the sound equipment and sound quality for services.
Transportation Ministry
Responsible to safely transport people to and from worship services and special events. Drivers and helpers maintain a spiritual attitude of hospitality.
Usher Board Ministry (Senior, Men’s, Young Adults, and Juniors)
This auxiliary, which functions in the specific “help” capacity of promoting order within church services in terms of the comings and goings of the congregation, offerings, and in assisting members who need specific care during the service. Ushers have primary opportunity for welcoming the congregation.
Video Team
Responsible for the production and duplication video recordings of all worship services and special events.
Victory Living
Broadcast on local Rochester stations that reaches out to the community with sermons taped in Church of Love on a weekly basis.
Multi-faceted ministry that ministers to specific needs of women and empowers them to “Be all they were created to be!” Annual retreats, conferences, and teaching forums highlight this ministry.
Young Adult Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to encourage, motivate, and inspire young adults in the church and community to accept Christ as Savior and Lord, “grow in grace” to spiritual maturity, and to be faithful in their lifestyle, church attendance, and general stewardship. To involve the Young Adults in the Church’s Ministry of Evangelism and to as certain that every Young Adult is working in some ministry area of the church.
Youth Ministry (Called Out Loud)   Click for More
Teens are developed spiritually, emotionally and physically through weekly and scheduled worship services and activities that focus on their unique needs.
Youth Praise Team
Choir for youth 8 – 17 years old that provides special music for regularly scheduled worship services
Zone Pastoral Care  (Zone Chart)
Follows up with the membership at COLFC to assess their overall welfare and spiritual state; provides assistance in their walk with Christ and involvement in the church; helps them develop into productive members of the body of Christ and CO