Submitting forms to the administration has never been faster and easier.  You simply choose form below, complete it, and it automatically submitted to admin@colfc.org. 

Forms are split into sections for ease of use. Button descriptions below.

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Pastor Zone Report
 Pastor, Minister, Deacons will fill out during their regular consultations 


Activity/ Event/ Trip Request
 Request approval for activity, event or trip 


 Request to be in upcoming bulletin or announcements



 Request payment for guests or vendors



Culinary Request
 Request assistance from the culinary ministry for an event


Foyer/ Atrium Request
 Request a place in the foyer/ atrium



Kitchen Request
 Request use of a kitchen and supplies



Media Request

 Request to share video, audio, flyers during any service or thru social media



Property Request
 Request approval to borrow COLFC property or  connect personal property


Reimbursement Request

 Request reimbursement for
approved expenses



Room  Request
 Request  use of COLFC rooms



Supply Request
 Request additional supplies for your ministry 


 Vehicle Request
 Request for use of the church van


Work  Request
 Request assistance from church staff or another ministry